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Website evaluation & SEO (Search engine optimisation)

A website evaluation is a process to assess your website and identify improvements that will help you to achieve your business objectives.

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The Vision 4 Business approach to Web site evaluation & SEO is based on proven techniques and sound business principles. Some clients are able to carry out some of the stages themselves, so please read the summary as this may save you time and money.

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    What is it that you really want from a web site evaluation and SEO ?  An opportunity to achieve higher rankings in search , or more sales ?


    The usual  approach to web site evaluation is typically a process based on search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques. This consists of a number of factors including :

    analysing /counting the phrases , keywords, headings, image tags(names and descriptions) that are visible to visitors.

    Comparing metatags, (the invisible parts of each web page) to the visible content.

    Checking navigation on the site pages .

    Assessing inbound links to your site i.e. which other web sites and businesses link to yours.

    The outcome is often a report suggesting revision of some content, navigation, heading attributes, positioning of text and/or images, and wording, and may suggest improvements to specific web pages.

    These changes, in theory will get you higher rankings in search results. In turn this should achieve a higher number of visitors, and potentially increased sales.


    The Vision 4 Business approach to web site evaluation is different. Why? Because clients want results measured in terms of profit, not search rankings.

    We believe the web evaluation is only effective if it is based on an understanding of your marketing strategy,  that should be reflected your business plan. This is discussed as part of the process. Don’t worry if your business plan is not written down.

    This stage helps in assessing target markets, customer profiling, and establishing suitable marketing and advertising channels.

    Research is essential. We will carry out some research into online traffic, trends, and analysis of your web pages & statistics where possible. This helps in developing an understanding of the online market behaviour, and may also expose business opportunities.

    Marketing – thinking about how we can build awareness of your product or service, the form and type of message, communication, branding  etc. 

    Explore competition strategies, i.e. who is competing with you and how.

    Advertising –options for content and channels ? Descriptions, images,  wording, and  where when etc. e.g use of printed press, social media, online advertising, press, radio , other.

    Language and presentation - consider the impact of different web site design, layout,  styles ,  and types of wording . For example Safety oriented wording such as : ‘ guaranteed’ , ‘safe’, ‘secure’, ‘sound’, or   ‘strong’,  might be appropriate. 

    Typically we may use Google Adwords to test out possible strategies.





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    FAQ’s  :    Website Evaluation from Vision 4 Business

    How long does this type of evaluation take? Typically we will arrange an initial meeting , in person or by phone. There will be a research phase. You will then receive feedback and recommendations for the web site, marketing strategy, & advertising campaigns as appropriate .

    I am in a different area of the country /in another country, can I still have an evaluation? Yes, with contact via phone , email, skype or other means as necessary. This is an effective solution and keeps costs down.

    Do you develop websites? No, typically we will work with you and your chosen developer to plan and implement solutions and recommendations.

    I don’t have a web developer/am unhappy with my developer , what can I do? We can explore options and help you to choose a suitable developer as appropriate.

    What does this evaluation process cost? That really depends on the complexity of your business, the web site, target markets, products, and services. Prices start at a few hundred pounds.

    I have been offered a free website evaluation by another company, is this worth having? This type of evaluation is often based on an SEO approach (see above) and many are based on automated reports. However some provide useful measures of your web site so perhaps worth considering. Of course it is important to find out what services the supplier would charge for at later stages.

    Who will implement things such as Google adwords advertising campaigns for us? Typically we offer 1 to 1 training and advice on setting up campaigns, keywords , and managing your own accounts. If you wish we can manage advertising on your behalf subject to agreement.

    Do I need lots of technical knowledge for this website evaluation? No. The approach is based on application of methods that rely primarily on understanding of the business and the marketplace.  Feedback and recommendations are provided in non-technical form , and relates to the business objective of profit rather than technical        implementation.


    If you have comments, questions, or wish to arrange an evaluation, please contact us to discuss your requirements , with no obligation.


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