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Business Services Summary

Find out how one of our clients almost doubled sales in 12 months to £1million!

Business Coaching and seo case study

Do you need a Google adwords or pay per click (PPC) consultant? Improve web site perfomance & improve profitability. Find out more about our adwords and online marketing services.

Do you need independent financial advice for your business? Vision4business works with experienced advisors in the east midlands . about business finance.

Are you starting a new business? Visit the business planning page first!


Contact Vision 4 Business to  discover how our business mentoring, coaching, and consultancy services can give you an advantage over the competition.

We provide a range of services  to help businesses to become more profitable.  Read more.

We also provide services to third sector and social enterprises.

  • Business Mentoring
  • Business Coaching
  • Music Business Coaching
  • PPC consultant
  • Website & SEO Consultant
  • Finance
  • LOGO & graphic Design
  • Business Planning & Growth
  • Grants and funding
  • Managing information
  • Digital marketing
  • Training
  • IT & Internet Strategies
  • Business Analysis & review
  • Choosing Web Developers
  • Innovation and technology
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    Business Services Summary

    Business mentoring and coaching are perhaps two of the most important and  effective services provided through Vision4business in terms of delivering long term, sustainable benefits to clients.  Based on business experience, knowledge, and creativity, we work with people from all walks of life and in businesses ranging from technology and scientific to fashion and hand made crafts. Find out about Music Business Coaching.

    Business Coach and SEO . With specialist knowledge of seo and the web , many clients gain significant competitive advantage. If you are looking to sell more online, or generate leads , why not get in touch. Take at the  case study to get an idea of the opportunities ahead.

    Read the case study to find out how one of our coaching clients double sales to £1million in 12 months !

    Questions about business mentoring and business coaching services? Contact us.

    Business Planning, development & Growth . A variety of methods and tools including brainstorm sessions, advice, consultancy, mentoring, and training are available to help you to explore and identify opportunities to develop or improve your business. Independent help from an experienced perspective whether you are trying to resolve problems or to grow your business. This process may involve assessing your use of business assets, whether in the form of knowledge, equipment, or working capital, as well as analysis of your markets, skills, and competition. Outcomes range from improved leadership skills, to new marketing strategies.  Read our guide to business planning.

    Managing information. Businesses often have a wealth of untapped resources and valuable business assets in the form of information, whether it is in electronic form, on paper, or perhaps simply a persons knowledge. 

    Improving information management enables better decisions, problem solving, better communications , and better presentation of information.  many clients benefit from improvements in information management processes, acquisition & recording methods, and interpretation. This could be in a wide range of contexts, resulting in improvements in performance of people, equipment, sales processes or figures, google adwords, or marketing materials, for example.

    SEO, Website evaluations,  e-business, and online marketing. Vision4Business. provides independent advice and  services including website evaluations, and advice on online marketing strategies.

    This may typically include a review of your website and competition strategies,  keyword research and analysis, and advice on ‘Google adwords’ & PPC (pay per click) campaigns. Many clients benefit from advice, and one-to-one training on advertising online, that is tailored to their business needs.

    SEO (search engine optimisation) can be great for search engine positioning, but doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of your customer! Contact us to find out how website evaluation can help or read more about online marketing strategies.

    Pay per Click PPC consultant, Google advertising , Digital marketing. We can help you to design and manage effective online advertising campaigns wth Google adwords with pay per click (PPC) strategies to suit your budget. Based in Leicester, we also offer one to one training on Google adwords and Google analytics tools so that you can make the most of online sales and marketing opportunities. Read more about adwords and pay per click advertising.

    IT and Internet strategies. Review your use of the internet – which can include remote working, collaborative working, software, and communications as well as undertaking website evaluations. The objective may be to resolve problems or to identify and exploit business opportunities through improved use of ebusiness solutions, technology, resources, and information. We offer advice to enable your business to exploit such technologies, and to find the most appropriate solutions, and suppliers. 

    Business Analysis & Review. Assessment of your use of IT (information technologies) and processes is a key factor in achieving business improvement. Our business analysis services typically identify opportunities for business improvement as a result of assessment of existing systems and resources.

    New web site, Logo Design , Choosing Web Developers, IT suppliers , or Computer systems. Advice on choosing suppliers, developers, or systems. We can advise on development of specification of requirements, invitation to tender, identification of potential suppliers, and provide assistance with supplier selection and evaluation processes. Contact us for details of Logo and graphic design services.

    LOGO and graphic design. Contact us for details.

    Project management. Liaison between your business and your supplier(s), or managing internal business projects.

    Innovation and technology: We provide business development advice for entrepreneurs and small businesses, including general advice on technology, planning, strategy, grants and funding.

    Grants and Funding: Advice on potential routes to grants and funding. We have significant experience in taking businesses through grant application processes. Search for grants and business funding now. Vision4Business also works with experienced independent financial advisors in Leicestershire and the East Midlands. If you need assistance or advice  please contact us to find out how we can help. Read more>


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