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Business Finance & Personal Financial Planning.

Employee benefits, medical insurance , pensions, annuities, income drawdown,  , auto-enrolment, and  personal finance for self employed, business owners, managers, and directors ,  are just some of the areas that we may be able to help with.

Managing finance  is of course critical to any business, and typically, the smaller the business, the bigger the proportion of your time that will be spent on operational issues. This often keeps focus on sales, and overall profitability. Why not take some independent advice to find out how you can make your hard earned income work harder for you.

Advice on Cash flow , invoice factoring.

Commercial Loans or Investment.

Buy to let and commercial mortgages.

Employee benefits , pensions & early retirement

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    Wealth management & independent financial services

    Vision 4 Business can offer services in many areas of business. To enhance our services, our  associates are able to offer independent financial advice and services in areas including wealth management, tax planning, inheritance tax, sourcing finance, loans, equity investment, and auto-enrolment . Contact Vision4business   to find out more.

    There are alternatives to loans and overdrafts from the major banks. They  are not your only options when you need or want finance to develop your business. Often a review of your needs and current situation will reveal potential to improve your financial situation. Whether this involves identifying alternative sources for loans or investment, addressing credit control to improve cash flow , or realising the value of your assets , Contact us to find out how we can help. 

    Business planning will include financial plans, forecasting everything from sales value, to the cost of materials, and telephone charges. This allows you to measure actual performance, to make decisions, and to manage the business. Read more about business planning.

    Planning ahead. If you employ staff, you will have to consider auto-enrolment, pension schemes, tax, employee benefits and many other related issues. You may also consider succession planning, so the business can continue to operate after you sell it , or perhaps take early retirement . Independent financial advice can help you to explore the wealth of options from annuities, to inheritance planning. 

    Personal Financial Planning.

    As an individual, manager, or employee, or even when you retire, you will also consider the wealth you accumulate personally, your pensions, savings options, investments, wills, and inheritance planning.

    Business Grants and loans


    You may also consider applying for grants for computers, training, or other business support. Visit the resources page to find sources for grants and financial investment. If you find suitable funding , when completing the application process ensure that you understand the key criteria for successful applications. Typically with government funding, this will include creation of jobs, safeguarding jobs, increasing turnover and profit, and even growth in export sales. In simple terms the aim is usually to improve the business, and consequently the economy.

    If you need assistance with grant applications please contact us.

    Bank Loans

    If you decide to approach the bank for a business loan, overdraft or other form of finance, ensure you have a business plan. Whilst banks are being encouraged to support small businesses, all too often, they are approached without sufficient preparation, and often with unsuitable objectives. Think about the reason for the finance. If you have a solid financial track record, and require finance to develop the business, perhaps in new markets, or with new products, show this in your plan, with evidence. This could include your market research, cost estimates, forecasts, aor marketing material for example. If however you need loans to cover staff wages due to lack of work, the case will be much more difficult, and you will need to show the order book, also  that you are capable of dealing with the problem in the short term, and have a plan to manage and hopefully reduce the risk of further problems. 

    Attracting Investors into your business

    If you are looking for sources of investment, perhaps for a new business idea, or to develop a prototype for a new product, you may find the business resources page helpful.

    You may choose a venture capital route, and offer a percentage of the business to investors. You may of course use savings, or loans.

     Investment in an established business of course enables potential investors to assess opportunities and risks based on real information, whilst if you have a new idea or concept ,this may be more difficult, implying greater risk, and investors typically requiring a greater percentage of the business in return. When following these routes, it is important to take appropriate legal and financial advice, as well as thoroughly assessing the business case.

    Where new ideas are concerned it is easy to become emotionally attached to an idea, and it is crucial to objectively assess the business opportunity. This applies even if you are starting a business with your own finance.

    If you require advice on any of the areas above , please contact us. If you require independent financial advice, our associates will be able to discuss your needs in confidence with no obligation .

    Vision4business is based in Leicestershire.  Please visit the services page to find out more.

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    Asset management

    In any business, it is important to keep an eye on the bigger picture. This will include the value of your assets for example, and how best to manage and protect them.  As a business owner, you will want to consider other aspects of financial planning, such as pensions for yourself, and also for your staff if you employ people.


    * Vision4business provides business advice and services. Specialist financial advice is available via independent financial advisers.