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Q. Where can I find business grants?

The business Support page contains a directory of  support & information for medium size and small businesses, as well as links, tips, tools, and advice on internet marketingwriting business plans, and finding business grants.

Q. Where can I find information on Business Planning?

In good times, business planning can help you to gain advantage over the competition, in tougher times, whether you are trying to survive or grow, a plan is essential. Read our guide to business planning.

Q. What do I need to know about online marketing?

Whether you are a small business that sells products to the local community, or you trade internationally, the internet will provide opportunities for your business. Read our tips for e-business & Online marketing.

Q. What management information systems should I be using?

Using information  effectively is often the key to growth and profitability, whether through better understanding of customer behaviour, or better management of your business assets.  Find out how you can make more profits by managing information.

Q. How do I choose the right computer systems?

Choosing computers and software can be difficult at the best of times. Read some basic steps to help you to make decisions when investing in computer systems and technologies.

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Q. What areas of the Uk do you cover?

Our advisers and consultants are based in various areas and we can offer services in most instances. Contact us to find out.


Q. Can you explain what a business mentor is?

There are numerous definitions, but in broad terms, a mentor is often described as a trusted advisor, a counsellor, a teacher and a friend who is able to provide unbiased advice and support. Business mentoring focuses on personal development, performance, and profits, and is tailored to the clients / individuals objectives.

Effective business mentoring relies on the experience, knowledge and skills of the mentor to facilitate the development of behaviours contributing to more effective performance.


Q. What are the benefits of business mentoring?

A business mentor often acts as a ‘sounding board’, providing ‘fresh perspective’ to identify, evaluate and address development needs or opportunities. The business mentor uses experience, skills, and knowledge to support your professional development activities. 


Q. What is business coaching?

In contrast to business mentoring, business coaching tends to be used to improve skills of an individual or group in order to improve effectiveness of the business. Outcomes may include improved  leadership skills, decision making, and  confidence.


Q. What is a website evaluation?

Website evaluations take a variety of forms depending on your needs. Typically, an evaluation will consider website functionality, performance, materials and content, strengths and weaknesses. This is then used to identify opportunities for improving your website, in the context of your customers and target market.


Q. How much does advice and consultancy cost?

Contact us with your details and outline of your requirements for an informal discussion. Fees may be charged on a day rate, project fee, commission arrangement or a combination.


Q. I am starting a new business, can you help?

Yes.  A good portion of clients are new or startup businesses. You might also look at the business support page for various agencies which may offer free support.

Q. What is involved in a systems review?

An IT review checklist will  typically include: evaluation of your website,  network and communications infrastructure, paper and manual systems, database systems, contact management, remote working facilities, multimedia, office productivity software, systems management, contingency planning, backup, training, and security.

Outcomes from  a review typically include identified opportunities for more effective use of existing resources, and potential to further exploit technology solutions and particularly the internet for business improvement.

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