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Business Coach for entrepreneurs, business owners, self employed, and managers.

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With a track record of successfully coaching people to set and achieve goals, coaching is considered to be one of the most important and  effective services from Vision4Business. Based on business experience, knowledge, and creativity, t Vision4Business has helped many clients to achieve long term, sustainable benefits for their busineses. 

Will Business Coaching help you? Clients include self employed, , managers, directors, business owners, and entrepreneurs, with new businesses and businesses with annual sales in excess of £25million. The answer is it could help , whatever stage of development your business is at, so why not find out more.

Read the Business Coach Case Study for a recent example of a family business , dealing with online sales and marketing, and personal issues  amongst many other challenges.

What is involved in Business Coaching? Business coaching is aimed at helping people to improve performance, as well as defining and achieving personal goals. This may be achieved in many ways, e.g. through transfer of knowledge, providing suggestions, ideas and feedback, and facilitating change, as well as using a variety of techniques and tools to help you to identify opportunities, learn new skills, solve problems and make decisions. Coaching is tailored to the personal needs of individuals so there is no simple checklist of activities.

Business Coaching and SEO (search engine optimisation). Most  clients will cover a wide range of issues including sales and marketing, which inevitably will include ‘WWW’ and seo strategies.  Fine out more about our digital and seo services.

The coach and client relationship. For successful outcomes , the key ingredient in the relationship between the coach and the client , is perhaps trust. This in turn means the coach should have an ‘appropriate ‘ level of experience and knowledge  for the coaching objectives in the view of the client. In addition, there should be a strong rapport, as the coach and client will have to explore and deal with a variety of challenges.  

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Choosing a business Coach. For successful coaching , it is essential  that there is trust. When choosing your coach it is as important that the coach has the right kind of personality to work with you.

In most situations, we find that experience in particular industries is not always necessary. There are however some exceptions in our view, such as the ‘creative’ sector.


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    Creative and music industry coaching. We have provided  mentoring, coaching , and consultancy services to a variety of businesses and individuals including musicians, and businesses in the music industry such as events companies, and venues, as well as other creative sectors including fashion design, and video production. Find out more about music industry coaching.

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