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Read our business planning tips.

Business Planning for development & growth .

If you donít have one  , then you should certainly think about writing a business plan.   Whether you are self employed, an entrepreneur , a business owner, manager, or a director , business planning is an essential component in business success.

What should I include in the business plan, what does a plan look like? Take a look at our business planning tips for some ideas on writing business plans

Writing the business plan is where many people tend to focus effort, however, this is only part of the process.  

Business Plans and the Treasure Hunt. If you were on a treasure hunt, having a treasure map would perhaps help, but you would have greater chance of success if you knew how to use the map. In business, the business plan is essentially your treasure map, and knowing how to create the plan and to use it is key to your success.

A business plan may be developed in many ways, one of the most effective is our single page planning technique, which proves to be particularly effective - contact us for more information on this.

The business plan is used for many purposes, a few examples are given below.

1. To examine key aspects of the existing or new business in detail including finance, marketing, sales and distribution, people, skills, premises and equipment.

2. Establish key facts and figures , which will be used by you to decide for example whether or not to start the business, to measure business performance, and to assist in your decision making when the business is trading.

3. If you need to raise finance to start the business, or perhaps apply for a loan or grant to develop the business further, the bank or any other investor will want to assess you and your plan before deciding to make any loans or investment.

Beyond the Business Plan. A variety of methods and tools including advice, consultancy, mentoring, and training are available to help you to explore and identify opportunities to develop or improve your business. Independent help from an experienced perspective is available whether you are trying to resolve problems or to grow your business. This process may involve assessing your use of business assets, whether in the form of knowledge, equipment, or working capital, as well as analysis of your markets, skills, and competition. Outcomes range from improved leadership skills, to new online marketing strategies. 

With extensive experience of working with entrepreneurs and businesses, you will find Tom Conway at Vision 4 Business offers a unique combination of experience, creativity, and knowledge to help you to develop your plans and your business.

Contact us to discuss the benefits of business planning and how we can help.

Read our business planning tips.



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