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Google advertising, online advertising, pay per click, PPC.

Google Pay per Click (PPC) advertising

Online advertising is key to the success of many businesses. The digital nature of this form of advertising allows great flexibility in terms of targeting & adapting your advertising.

Many businesses successfully use Google Adwords as a route to increasing the number of visitors to their web site, and this can increase sales. This is referred to as pay per click or PPC advertising. Vision 4 Business helps many clients to create and manage successful adí campaigns. You will find answers to a few common questions here. Please contact Vision 4 Business for more information on training, design, and campaign management services.

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A few things to consider:-

you can create digital text and or display ads some examples are shown on this page.

Set up Adwords

In order to use Google adwords you will need to do the following:

set up an adwords account, including Billing details.

Create one or more advertising campaigns, with an allocated daily budget.

Text and Display advertising

Create text or display adís, such as those examples here.

Adwords Text Advertisements

Choose keywords that you wish to trigger you ad so that the person searching has your ad displayed on their screen.

Example : We might want someone searching with the term Ď saving for retirementí to  generate the example adís belowgoogle adwords example text ads 1. In order to do this we have to choose the words and phrases that we would like to trigger the adís, and how much we are willing to pay if someone clicks on the ad to visit our site -

This mechanism is called ĎPay per Clickí or ĎPPCí.

The price we pay is based on a bidding mechanism, and you can choose how much to bid for example £1.00 for the phrase ĎAdvice on pensionsí.  Typically we might have many phrases that we want to trigger our adís. You only pay when someone clicks the adís.

bankfield independent financial advisers

Display ads such as the one above are shown on websites. These are part of Google 3rd party and affiliate networks. There are many ways of targeting your adís so they reach your target market. Contact us for more details.


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    Digital Online advertising

    Example text adís

    google adwords example text ads 1

    Display and image based advertising

    Example Display adís.

    business advice image vision 4 business
    sherri hill3

    FAQ- Google adwords

    How much should the PPC budget be? This is dependent on the nature of your business, value of your products or services, and the size of audience you wish to reach. You could spend as little as £1 a day to thousands.

    Can I alter my PPC budget once I have started ? Adwords provides extremely flexible management options, with the ability to edit adís, keywords, budget, pause or delete etc. It is also possible to target your adís geographically (e.g. by city, country) , or by times of the day for example.

    How much should I bid for words and phrases? This depends on the value of a visitor. It is important to look at conversion rates and potential profit from visits. If for every 100 visitors you spend £50 , make one sale and this has a profit of £100 then it perhaps makes good sense. be sure to track performance.

    What is CTR? Click Through rate tells us the percentage of clicks based on the number of times your ad has appeared on someones display. This helps to establish the effectiveness of our key phrases, ad wording, and budget. Google has some very powerful mechanisms inluding Analytics for monitoring visitors to your web site, and conversion tracking to monitor return on investment.

    How do I know which keywords to use and to bid on? There are various mechanisms including the Adwords keyword tool that is available when you access your adwords account. We also recommend wordtracker. Contact us if you would like to discuss our keyword research , campaign design or management services.

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